Micro Mini 3-in-1 Kick Scooter Review

If you are exposed to children of different ages, you’ll notice that the young children wish to be allowed to do just what more mature teens are doing so that they do not feel left behind.

Scooters are a primary illustration of a toy that bigger kids have, but little kids wish for.  Most parents are reluctant to get scooters for their 3, 4 or 5 year olds mainly because it is dangerous.

However, with the Mini Kick Scooter by Micro, parents don’t need to worry about similar dangers a scooter would have, and younger kids can fully feel like they’re bigger children.

The Mini Kick Scooter has the basic features of the regular scooters, but it is designed for the young kids. The product features include:

Low deck panel – the deck panel of the scooter is placed close to the ground so that children will just hop off the scooter whenever they wish, making it quick for them to get off safely.

Large panel – the panel is big enough so that both their feet can be positioned on it.  They won’t have to keep pushing off from the ground.  They’re going to be able to have fun with the ride with both feet on the scooter.

Tricycle style wheels – As opposed to the inline scooters for older kids, the mini scooter features a tricycle style arrangement of the wheels.  The 2 wheels in the front make it comfortable for them to ride without having to worry for balance.  Nevertheless, the single wheel in the rear allows them enough allowance to make sure they try to keep balanced.

Italian-made wheels of prime quality Polyurethane – this makes it quick for children to experience a gentle ride on their scooter.  It is also quiet thus it will not disturb the adults when their kid is playing on it.  Also, the material will not be leaving scratch marks on the floor if kids are riding inside the house.

Spoon break – the break at the back of the scooter allows more control to your kid when riding.

Lightweight – this scooter is only about 3.3 pounds in weight, which means parents can carry the toy if their  little one exhausted of riding.  You can easily take it anywhere, too.

Durable Construction Material – Because it’s Swiss-designed with prime quality stuff, you can be confident that your kid could play with this toy every single day, and for many years. This also can carry a little user that weighs about 60 pounds.

Since this scooter has been nominated and awarded for many toy awards, parents have been relaxed in continuing to buy the product.  In fact, one customer, who had bought this scooter in 2007 kept updating her review on the scooter.  For two years, she noted how much the scooter was “still going strong” with few damage.

Getting this toy for your kids is well worth it.  Not only will it induce a grin to his face, but that smile can last several years for only one item.