Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies Stand’n Play Rampway

Wheelies has usually been a amusing toy throughout the years, and that is precisely why the Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies Stand’n Play Rampway is a well-loved item among parents.

This could be an excellent toy for kiddies ages 18 months to 5 years and it does not pose any damaging material. In addition, it features a coloured setup that can drive your kid’s creativity into another level.

Here are a few of the Little People’s features:

  • Role-playing Stand’n Play – the Little People Wheelies help make room for your kid’s imagination to grow. They may also watch the Eddie and the Mystery Driver DVD, a short animation from the Fisher-Price Little People characters. Kids would like to experience the Wheelieville world and make their own characters, or role-play the characters themselves.
  • The rampway has a height of about 2 feet, which allows the kids to watch the Wheelies speed down the double spiral ramps. They’ll love simple fact that these cars can do the trick down these ramps.
  • The lights and sound of the rampway brings excitement to the already playable toy. These lights enhance the amazing scenario of the entire toy, and the sounds could really make the kids visualize that they’re having a real competition. It features a lift, elevator and refilling station to make the whole thing engaging.
  • Assembling the toy won’t take lots of time on your end. All you should do is get a Phillips-head screwdriver then fasten the screws that come with it. There is no problem with the upper and lower wall piece since they can be simply snapped tight. The ramps are numbered for you to work on handily and the instruction manual are extremely basic that you won’t even notice you just completed installing all of it.
  • The items are truly lasting and is not harsh to the touch. Actually, the edges are thoroughly rounded and smooth out that kids would love to play with it all day.
  • Absolutely no choking risks for you to worry about.
  • For storage reasons, you may always make use of the integral carry handle that is included with it.
  • You will need 3 AA batteries for the lighting and sounds to work. However this package already comes with the batteries.

As a whole, this really is one good toy for children under five years old, they’re going to love it. The entertainment they are going to obtain with this toy is priceless. Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies Stand’n Play Rampway is also considered by a lot of people as an on-the-list Christmas pose.