LEGO Ultimate Building Set

LEGO toys have evolved form a simple set where kids use their imaginations to build into a land of complete worlds designed for specific types of play. But even though there are specialty LEGOs, the big box of pieces that let you explore and design on your own will always be a favorite.

The LEGO Ultimate Building Set is a big tub of LEGOs that comes with 405 pieces. It’s a wide assortment of various elements, like doors, wheels, little mini LEGO men, and the main building plate where your child can begin building from.

The tub acts as the perfect storage container for after the fun is over and it comes with a see-through lid so your child can see his or her creations. All 405 pieces easily fit in the container.

Now if your child isn’t sure where to get started, then you can make it easy on him by showing him the instruction manual that comes with the building set. They include detailed steps on how to create five different items (complete with pictures).

He can either do it just like the picture, or use it as a starting point and let his imagination take it from there. These LEGOs are for children over age 4. The bigger, bulkier LEGO sets are for the younger crowd.

This set is great for when your child is old enough to start paying attention to intricate details associated with building – like where to put a window. It’s considered a starter set for LEGO enthusiasts.

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Once your child has a chance to explore the LEGO building set, you might want to invest in some of the special LEGO packages, but this one is perfect for building almost anything your mind can imagine. And when he’s ready to increase his collection, he can just add them to this one and mix and match the sets!

Your child gets the storage container, a building plate (and you can buy more of these if his work expands past the borders of what’s included in the tub), a mini figure of a person, and a wide variety of LEGO primary colored bricks he can use to begin building.

If his creation is a home or a form of transportation, then he can pick and choose among the little pieces that are best suited for that – like the windows for the walls or the wheels for the cars.

What are some of the things he can build with his LEGO set? How about a fast moving racecar or a replica of his pet dog? He may want to build something that takes flight, like a helicopter.