LEGO Ninjago Kai’s Blade Cycle Review

Every little boy (and now girls) love the idea of ninjas. The costumes for Ninjas are hot sellers at Halloween, and now LEGO has made a line of specialty LEGO packs for ninja lovers everywhere.

The Ninjago line of LEGOs makes it easy for your child to battle good against evil and let the good guy win. In the pack that’s known as Kai’s Blade Cycle, your child gets a scenario where the bad guy has stolen something precious, and the good ninja has to hop on a cycle and chase him down.

The pack comes with the two ninja powerhouses “Kai ZX, the good guy” and Rattla, the hypnotizing nemesis of Kai who steals a golden staff with a cobra that is known as Hypnobrai – which is hiding secret anti-venom (also included in this pack).

Your child will be building the Blade Cycle and letting the ninja use it to pursue the thief! Once Kai catches Rattla, your child can use the two ninja swords to have them battle it out.

There’s even a big blade attack element that can help the good ninja win the battle. The blades move outward away from the cycle. They bill this as a transformation, and while it doesn’t actually transform the cycle, it is a neat feature that kids love.

The Cycle is over 5 inches in length and it’s primarily red, with touches of gold, white and black on it. Boys in the 5-12 year old age range love the Ninjago LEGO sets, and they adore motorcycles – especially those with massive wheels and lots of weapons. It never hurts to throw in a prized possession that can be battled over, either.

One thing consumers loved about it is that most LEGO motorcycles are tiny – befitting the mini figurines that come with the sets. But this cycle is huge, and it makes the small ninja look as if he has extra power.

It should take your child approximately 15-30 minutes to put this 188-piece set together before they embark on hours or days’ worth of fun and imagination. He can merge this Ninjago set with some of the other popular ones, like the Epic Dragon Battle kit, Ultra Sonic Raider set, Samurai Mech or Storm Fighter.