LEGO Friends Olivia’s Tree House Review

LEGO has been creating many sets for the girls. No longer with sisters have to steal their brother’s LEGOs – now there are some that are perfect for them! LEGO Friends Olivia’s Tree House is one such set.

Your child gets Olivia as the main mini figurine who has in a beautifully decorated treehouse that she shares with her animal friends. There’s Goldie – a bird that has a separate birdhouse, Maxie, her pet cat, four little ladybirds, and four butterflies fluttering about.

When your child builds this set, she’ll discover some neat features – like ladders that fold, or hidden compartments where she can store things. There are all sorts of small elements that make building fun.

She can decorate the outside of the treehouse with wildflowers. She can use her little pet food dishes to feed her animal friends. She can pretend to pour Maxie the cat a little bowl of milk using the milk carton and feed her a fish that comes with the set. If she wants to explore the land, she can head to her telescope and scout out the land farther away.

If your child has other sets, then she may want to have Olivia invite some other mini figurines over for a sleepover. She might pretend she’s having a tea party with the little dishes that come with the set.

There are 191 pieces in this LEGO set. It only takes about half an hour to put it all together, and she can either follow directions or build it according to her own imagination.

If little Olivia gets in the mood to redecorate, she can do that with ease. There’s a main floor and the crow’s nest at the top of the treehouse, so she can spend time there or in her garden on the ground level.

The set is a beautiful creation. Even the branches shooting out from the tree have lovely red flowers in them. Wildflowers are scattered around the grassy area below the treehouse, too.

She’ll have hours of fun discovering things like a hidden gem box. This is the perfect accompaniment to the rest of the LEGO Friend’s line. Your child may want to build an entire city from this specialty line.

She can build the Adventure Camper, the City Park Café, Olivia’s House (the real one, not the treehouse), and the Heartlake Vet set to name a few. Don’t think for a minute that the LEGO Friend’s sets are just for girls, either. Many consumer reviews show that boys love them, too!