LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet

Today’s modern day education has been recently spawned by touchpads in every corner of the marketplace. The well-known Apple iPad, the competitive Android tables and possibly the HP Touchpad are among some of these touch technologies making a craze. These are information and entertainment packed gadgets and devices for grownups. And you know what that means; nothing of these are custom-made for kids.

But now, you could say hello to LeapFrog’s LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet. This 5-inch child-friendly device takes the kid’s learning experience to brand new levels. Before you turn your cheek and start shopping for some other gifts for Christmas, take a look at the following features:

  • 5-inch screen ‘ or in tech terms, 400 x 712 pixels. In other words, this is definitely an easy handle for a child instead of your wide-inched touchscreen gadget. Additionally, this will take the risk off in your pricy tablet because of the LeapPad’s 2.4 x 13 x 17.9 dimension. It’s plainly kid friendly and handy.
  • Education – more often, or most preferably, you want your kid to have both Fun and learning at the same time. LeapFrog’s LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet will help you get your child learn by interaction. The programs are really educational and engaging for starters. It may not have 1000’s of programs compared to its Android counterparts, but this can serve as a primary step into more education for your children.
  • Multimedia – LeapPad offers the popular features provided by the well-known products; a video recorder along with a camera. Many kids love taking photos as well as recording videos, letting out that artist inside them.
  • Fun – LeapPad offers an array of apps such as PetPad, which kids could learn how to adopt a pet and nurture them. They can learn to write letters using the stylus. Story Studio is where children could make their own stories using pictures and videos they’ve recorded. Art Studio, which utilizes your kid’s creativity, is yet another interactive game to play. Photo Studio, which will allow your kids edit the pictures they took, will assist let out the editor in them. Roly Poly Picnic makes use of LeapPad’s motion sensors in a tilt and steer gameplay.
  • Parent Interaction – you could also track your kid’s development along the way making use of LeapPad’s Learning Path. You will receive email and info that helps give you ideas on how to help your kid in improving their education.
  • Batteries – LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet allows you to use rechargable batteires so that if you have to go somewhere, you will at all times have those batteries ready.
  • Applications – other than art and Fun, LeapPad also discusses mathematics, geography, music and much more.
  • Age Recommendation – the LeapPad is preferably great for kids who are 4-9 years of age. You would have a variety of learning levels with just one toy.

Overall, LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet is recommended to parents who are looking for a new, Fun and education learning tool for their kids. This should supplement the idea your children learn from school in terms of being technologically-savvy.