Fisher-Price Disney’s Rock Star Mickey Review

In 2010, Fisher-Price introduced the Dance Star Mickey that was well loved by thousands of kids, including some adults and Mickey Mouse lovers. In September 13, 2013, the Fisher-Price Disney’s Rock Star Mickey will arrive at stores near you. This Rock Star Mickey is expected to become as famous as its predecessor given that it possess similar features to become yet another well-known toy.

As always, Fisher-Price provides us one other variant of the Mickey toy that has captured our kid’s hearts as well as the inner-kid in ourselves.

Just remember though, this is designed for children who are 2 – 6 years of age. And if you like to know more regarding the Rocke Star Mickey, listed are some tips for you.

  • Signature moves – Rock Star Mickey features an array of rock star actions that will keep you entertained. He can split, kick and make his head bob during his mini-concert. He could also do other poses and moves which are quite entertaining.
  • How to be a Rock Star mode – when switched on, Rock Star Mickey will demonstrate some “rocker” moves for your own kid to learn. You should not be surprised once your little one starts to kick some rock star moves on his own later on.
  • The distinctive features of Mickey Mouse are well-adopted and is an eye candy for many other children or people to notice.
  • The fascinating element to this toy is the six-string electric guitar Mickey is making use of. It’s quite amusing to look at the three songs it has perfected and the variety of moves to mix it up, your kid would not like to miss a single second watching it perform.
  • With the rocking and jamming all around the place, Mickey could also drop into a split pose for you. He will even strum the guitar using his nose.